Welcome to the Kitchen Equipments & Co

We, Kitchen Equipments & Co, had been standing out as a leading company involved in providing top restaurants with World class quality of equipment needed for their kitchens since 2009. We not only supply but also manufacture these equipment with top quality materials, specially customized to meet the requirement of all top Restaurants, Bars, Canteens, hospitals, clubs, hotels and similar other places related to the hospitality sector. We as a company are completely based out of Kolkata but we ensure that our product quality is compatible as per the worldwide requirement. We are proud to declare that our manufactured products are all certified by ISO and hence we produce kitchen goods in a broader spectrum like that of ventilation for heater air, appliances for kitchen made out of stainless steel, counters for display and many more. We can guarantee our customers that with us you will get products of international precisions only. We value our guests and always ensure value for money.

Our Team - Our Power

Our team comprises of high-skilled, sincere and professional workers who value their work and manufacture equipment with dedication. Our workers are very experienced in this field and can use various raw materials to prepare innovative designs of modern kitchen equipment. Their sincerity towards their work ensures that no matter what job they care they accomplish that without leaving any stone unturned.

Why Choose Us

1. We are always using innovative ways of manufacturing kitchen appliances.

2. Our products are so manufactured that they help us to stay distinguished among others in our profession.

3. We always use top quality raw materials to prepare our products. Each of our kitchen equipment is unique in having exclusive and innovation styles.

4. Being equipment of latest trend they are highly suitable for daily use with low maintenance cost. They are even eco-friendly, user-friendly and save energy to a great extent.

In modern world the lesser energy an appliance consumes the better equipment it becomes for regular use. Apart from manufacture equipment of great value we take responsibility of installing all appliances properly to your kitchen. Our services don’t end with only installation of kitchen goods. We take care of post-sales maintenance as well. If you are one of our valuable customers, be assured that all our post sales maintenance and repair services are highly affordable. Our main domain of expertise being that of commercial kitchen, we specialize in manufacturing equipment that meets challenges of catering, restaurants and hotels. All machineries used by us in manufacturing kitchen appliances are of high quality as we value only top rated finished products.